When a Loved One Dies, Should You Sell Their Home “As-Is”?

When a loved one dies, you may need to sell an inherited house. But the task of fixing up and selling the home can be exhausting and expensive. Think carefully whether you want to list the house “as-is.”

What Repairs Are Needed?

To decide whether to sell the house “as-is,” first do a thorough walk-through and assess the condition of the home. If there are only a few minor repairs, and the location is great, you may do well selling it on the market.

However, if the home is not in good condition, listing the home “as-is” can be problematic. When a house is in poor condition, it can be slow to sell, causing upkeep expenses to mount. If an offer comes, the buyers may demand you do repairs or lower the price.

Do You Want to Invest in Repairs?

The next step is to figure out whether it’s worth it to fix the house up first. You’ll have to calculate the return on your investment. If it’s just a matter of replacing a leaky faucet or cleaning the carpets, you could come out ahead.

But, if major or extensive repairs are needed, you could sink thousands of dollars into the house that you may not get back when you sell it. And, you may not have the money to start with, either from the estate or out of your own pocket.

How Can a Cash Buying Company Help?

That’s where a cash buying company comes in. They specialize in buying “as-is” homes for cash, and they will never ask you to fix them up in any way. You can get an offer within 24 hours and close in just days.

By selling to a cash buying company, you can quickly settle the estate or probate. There’s no waiting, and you will not be charged commission or fees of any kind. You can distribute the dash among the heirs and be finished with the worry.

An inherited house can be troublesome if you try to sell it on the market “as is,” but a cash buying company can quickly resolve the problem by offering you cash. It’s a straightforward process, and there’s never any need to make repairs.

You can sell your Utah house “as is” for cash. Click here to learn how. 

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