What Months Are Best To Sell Your House?

When it comes to selling a house, some seasons are better for listing than others. Moreover, some months are better than others. Determining the best time to sell your home can help you get top dollar (possibly even above your asking price) and can help reduce the stress of listing your home.

Are you selling your home? Keep reading to learn which months are best for selling a house.


The Best Time to Sell

The best month to sell a home in Utah (and the rest of the United States) is May. Specifically, the 1st through the 15th of May. Zillow reports, homes that are sold in the first couple weeks of May sell almost one week sooner and make $1,600 more than listings the rest of the year. Several outside factors can influence the best time to put your home on the market. Things like interest rates, tax incentives, and job opportunity growth in the area can affect the market.

Potential buyers are typically on a deadline to buy a home. Often, they want to get in their new home and settle before school begins in the fall. Because children are out of school, summer is an ideal time to move into a new house or neighborhood. Overall, the best time to list your home is late spring through summer because that is when people are looking to buy.


The Worst Time to Sell

According to Business Insider, homes sold in the colder months, especially October and December, did not sell for as much as homes sold in spring and summer. It seems as though colder, wetter weather, the start of school, and the end-of-year holidays have a negative effect on selling homes.

The end of fall, winter, and beginning of spring seem to be a buyer’s market. Those that buy a home during this time typically pay less for it than they would have if the same home were listed in May.


The Best Time to Sell For You

You are not always able to choose when you need to sell your home. Ideally, you would still be able to list in the first two weeks of May. But sometimes, because of a job change or other sudden, unforeseen change, you need to sell your house as quickly as possible. 

For some, the potential profits gained by selling your home won’t always dictate when is the best time to sell your house. You may find your dream home in the middle of January and want to sell your current home. Sometimes waiting around for the highest-profit-earning month is neither sensible or realistic.


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