What are Some Low-Cost Ways to Sell Your Home Quickly?

Imagine needing to sell your home quickly, either due to a new job offer or financial problems, but don’t have tons of money to improve your home aesthetics or curb appeal. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss some low-cost or no-cost ways to sell your home quickly and get that SOLD sign on your lawn, and you moved out fast.

Sell your home fast


Low-Cost Ways to Sell Your Home Fast

Some of the best low-cost ways to sell your home quickly include listing it on the right day, which falls between May 1 and May 15. According to Zillow, a real estate information company, Saturday is the best day to list a home. Other low-cost ways are cleaning your home, focusing on the kitchen, bathroom, basement, and garage for deep cleaning.

Stay tuned for the top five ways to sell your house fast.

Top Five Low-Cost Ways to Sell Your Home Quickly

Now you know the best time to list your home for a quick sale, here are the top five low-cost ways for selling your house fast.

1. Light the Way

When someone walks into a home listed for sale, they typically want to see a brightly lit area to set the mood. Throw open your curtains, blinds, and if warm, open the windows a touch for some fresh air. Doing this simple thing can make a huge difference in someone’s mood, especially if they’ve been out looking at several homes and are tired.

2. Depersonalize Your Home

To allow potential homeowners to see a house as a home–for them–you must remove all your family photos and memorabilia. Remove any kid’s artwork, religious items, or anything else that isn’t neutral territory. This also goes for any sports memorabilia, figurines, or kid’s toys that keep the focus on your family and not theirs.

3. Price it Right

Now is not the time to throw out a listing price and hope it sticks, whether high or low. If you price your home too high, chances are you won’t get much interest. Price it too low, and people will wonder what’s wrong with it. Look at other similar homes in your area for sale and use that to determine the value of your own home. Staying somewhere in the middle is safe. If in doubt, talk to an expert or have your home appraised.

4. Keep Your Home Available

Long gone are the days of open houses, where multiple people can see your home simultaneously. Nowadays, people want to see a virtual tour online before even stepping foot inside your home. They want to see a home on their schedule, which typically includes weekends. If you make your house available anytime, prospective buyers are more likely to view it. Take note that you’re ready to leave quickly when someone comes.

5. Spread the Word

Tell your neighbors you’re selling and to spread the word. Also, post your listing on social media; your agent will usually do the same. Talk to co-workers and extended family members. Share your news on Facebook neighborhood groups and Instagram that showcases photos of your home and use hashtags to target potential buyers.


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