Tips for Selling Your Home in a Seller’s Market

Selling your home is an exciting yet overwhelming process, and selling it in a seller’s market is no different.

Utah’s housing market is currently hot, and selling your property is more appealing than ever to homeowners. Selling a house in a seller’s market is ideal because, as the homeowner, you have the upper hand. There are more buyers out there than there are sellers, which makes your property even more appealing. It likely won’t sit on the market for long, and you will probably receive multiple offers that, hopefully, drive up the sales price. But selling your house in a seller’s market isn’t always a walk in the park. That’s why we’re offering you a few tips for selling your home in a seller’s market.

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Tips for Selling Your Home in a Seller’s Market

Selling your house in a seller’s market is ideal. The demand is much higher than the supply, and the larger group of interested buyers increases the odds of walking away with a higher profit. Here are a few tips for selling your property in a seller’s market:

PREP YOUR HOME — Similar to a buyer’s market, it’s important to prepare your house for sale. Even if you don’t want to stage your home, you should at least clean it from top to bottom. Right now, buyers are willing to overlook small imperfections because of the limited market; however, a clean house can make all the difference. Buyers are much more receptive to a clean property.

LIMIT SHOWINGS AND OPEN HOUSES — Limiting showing and open houses is not only a good idea because we are in a pandemic but also because humans tend to want what they can’t have. Restricting hours and days that you show your home will force buyers to tour when other buyers are present, which might spark competition and drive up your price.

THINK BEFORE YOU RENOVATE — While the nicer homes will still get the most attention, “uglier” properties will sell, simply for the fact that there is not much else for sale. It’s important to think about whether making repairs and renovations is worth your time and money. Before you take a hammer to anything in your house, consider if the investment is worth the return.

LOWER YOUR LISTING PRICE — List your home just below market value to attract more buyers. It also leaves just enough wiggle room for buyers to start a bidding war on your property. 

LIST ON A FRIDAY — Friday is the best day to list your home on the market. As soon as the clock strikes midnight, list your property so buyers will see or be notified of your listing first thing Friday morning. Post professional photos and a virtual tour, and release any digital ads on social media and other websites you may have lined up.

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