The Disadvantages of Owning an Old Home

Owning a house is a milestone many individuals wish to achieve. However, owning an old home often comes with more disadvantages than benefits. While many older houses boast desirable charm, endearing character, and historical connections, there are often more than a handful of headaches and hassles that come with it. These old homes are chock full of components that do not meet today’s standards and typically cost a small fortune to repair or replace.

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Plumbing Problems

Many plumbing problems can surface owning an old home. If your home is 100 or more years old, you can almost count on facing at least one of these issues. These issues range from large or small leaks to deteriorating or corroding pipes, bowing pipes to tree root invasions. Either way, fixing the plumbing in an older house is often a complete re-plumb job, costing thousands of dollars.

Insufficient Insulation

Homes can stay warm in the cold months and cool in the hotter months, thanks to insulation. It comes in various materials and works to keep you comfortable all year long, regardless of the seasons and outdoor temperature. Most older homes do not have enough insulation, or it has become damaged over the years and cannot keep your house a comfortable temp. Because old homes are not sufficiently insulated, heat and air conditioning can easily escape your home’s walls. If you choose to add insulation to your old home, make sure to add it to your attic, crawlspace, and walls if they are waterproof and do not contain old electrical work.

Electrical Issues

Owning an old home, you are sure to find a variety of electrical issues. Many of these older houses have outdated electrical systems and lack a grounding wire, major safety, and fire hazard. If you experience any electrical issues, you’ll likely be rewiring the entire house. This is not a DIY job and should be handled by a professional and qualified electrician. Just be prepared; a complete rewire can cost up to $15,000 depending on your house’s square footage.

Environmental Dangers

Many old homes come jam-packed with environmental dangers, including asbestos in the ceiling, lead-based paint, and water supply lines, or mold. These environmental dangers can pose serious health concerns such as lung disease, allergies, damage to the brain and nervous system, and more. You’ll need to hire a specially trained professional to inspect your home and remove or replace the hazardous materials. As you can imagine, these repairs can cost at least a couple grand.

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