The 7 Most Expensive Home Repairs

Buying a home is a considerable expense and investment. With homeownership comes a great deal of responsibility. On top of a large downpayment, a monthly mortgage, and home owner’s insurance, a homeowner can expect to foot the bill whenever something needs repairing. When you buy a home, especially an older home, you sign up to take on whatever comes your way concerning repairs. Unfortunately, a lot of these repairs cost beaucoup bucks. 

Learn more below about some of the most expensive home repairs.

Foundation Repairs

Cost to Repair — $400 – $12,500

Any problems with your foundation present serious risks for your safety. If you notice your floors are sloping, cracks in your ceiling or walls, or space between door jams or window frames, you may have a foundation issue. Address these issues with a professional as soon as you notice them.

Roof Repairs

Cost to Repair — $200 – $5,500

If your roof has a small leak, you may be able to repair it yourself with a trip or two to the local hardware store. If your roof is severely damaged, it may require a professional to fix it, or, worst-case scenario, replace it altogether. 

Water Damage

Cost to Repair — $500 – $5,000

Water damage can lead to a myriad of issues, such as rot, mold, and rust. It can also lead to having to repair or replace the flooring, drywall, and the frame of your home on top of fixing the water damage culprit. 

Termite Damage Repairs

Cost to Treat and Repair — $400 – $8,000

Nobody wants pests or critters in their home, but especially not the kind that leads to major damage. Termites are insects that feast on wood and are capable of compromising your home’s strength and structural integrity. On top of treating your home for termites, you’ll have to make any repairs to restore your home’s structural strength.

Siding Repairs

Cost to Repair — $200 – $15,000

Despite the use of durable, weather-resistant materials on the exterior of your home, siding can become damaged in as little as a bad wind storm. If your siding is damaged, you’ll need to replace it to avoid further damage quickly. The sooner you address cracks, dents, missing pieces, and holes, the better!

Electrical Problems

Cost to Repair — $300 – $14,000

If you own a new home, you likely won’t have to worry about any electrical problems. However, if your house is older, you can almost count on either making repairs along the way or requiring a complete rewire. If these issues are left unaddressed, you run the risk of losing electricity or, worse, fire.

Mold Remediation 

Cost to Repair — $250 – $7,000

Mold in your home causes damage and can also cause serious health problems to any inhabitants. Mold thrives in dark, warm, and wet places and can go unnoticed for years. At that point, it can be a significant problem that requires professional removal and remediation.

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