Selling Your Rental Property in Utah? Here’s What You Need to Know

Selling Your Rental Property in Utah? Here’s What You Need to Know

For many people, selling a home is such a headache and hassle, and a rental property is no different.

Because renters don’t always take care of your home the way they would their own, there are often cleaning, repairs, or major renovations to make. Not only are these fixes time-consuming and expensive, but they are necessary for traditional listings if you expect to ask and make top dollar. You may be wondering, what are your options? Well, you can fork out the money for the necessary repairs, cleaning, and renovations to get your home ready to list through traditional methods, or you can sell your house to Utah Sell Now.

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Selling an Occupied Rental Property

If you want to sell your rental home, but it is currently occupied with tenants, selling the property might feel overwhelming. Figuring out how to break the rental agreement can be tricky. Thankfully, we can help! Even if you have renters in your house, we will still purchase your property and the contract. We purchase occupied rental properties all the time and understand the frustrations rental property owners can feel when trying to work around renters and get their home ready for a traditional sale. We’ll gladly take on the burdensome process for you!

As-Is Property Purchases

The professional home buyers at Utah Sell Now want to buy your rental property in its current condition. Forget about investing more time and money into the house! You can save hundreds of hours and even more money when you sell your home to us. Fixing up your place is not necessary, even if you’re ready to sell it! Additionally, if your rental property is currently occupied, we will still purchase your house! We understand that working around tenants and coordinating times to complete repairs and renovations is nearly impossible, so we will do it for you! Selling your rental property in its current condition is as headache-free as it gets!

Expedite the Sales Process

It’s an exciting moment when you decide to sell your rental property, but that’s just the beginning of a very long process for many property owners. Between getting your house ready to list and waiting for a buyer, in addition to the closing process, you could be waiting months for your paycheck. But when you choose to sell to us, you can expedite the process immensely. We don’t require financing, so we can close in as few as seven days. Deals with traditional buyers fall through all the time due to financing issues. You won’t run into that problem with us! You can enjoy an easy and smooth sales process.

Contact Utah Sell Now

If you are ready to give up your “landlord” title and sell your Salt Lake City, Utah, rental property as-is, contact the experts at Utah Sell Now. Our experienced team of home buyers will work to get the job done as quickly as possible on your timeline. We are dedicated to working hard to find a solution that works for you! Contact us to get your all-cash offer today.

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