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Are you saying “I need to sell my Salt lake house!” Find out if a direct sale is right for you! If you own a home that is run down, in need of repairs, has bad tenants, is about to be in foreclosure, or you simply want to sell without the hassles of listing… give us a call! We offer solutions for all situations! We can help you with everything from start to finish! Find out more here! 

You do not need to put your home on the market in order to sell it for a great price. In fact, listing your house can cost you a lot of unnecessary time and money. If you are ready to sell your house right now, without having to make repairs, upgrades or improvements, give us a call!

We have the ability get pay you quickly.. in as little as a week! Imagine being free of your burdensome property in just seven days! What will you be doing with the extra cash? You will never have to maintain, repair or clean the house again. You are free to move on to a home you really love! 

Even if you have listed it in the past without any luck, we can help you! Putting a house on the market only works for certain properties. Other properties need to be found by a certain kind of buyer. We are interested in all homes, even if they need repairs, have tenants or have been sitting vacant. Our process is incredibly straightforward, fast and thoughtful. We care about the people we work with, and want you to be happy with the offer! A deal doesn’t work for us until it works for you!

We Will Give You A Great Cash Price and Make The Process Completely Stress-Free!

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Sometimes the reason you have to sell isn’t pleasant. The actual process of selling shouldn’t add additional worries or burdens to your life. A simple, fair and quick transaction is beneficial for many situations. If any of these sound familiar, we are ready to help: 

  • You have found yourself caught in foreclosure proceedings
  • You are getting divorced and just want to sell the house
  • You need to move quickly for a job transfer
  • There are liens against the home that you aren’t able to deal with
  • You have bad tenants, and you are tired of chasing rent and making repairs
  • The house has fire damage or other repairs you do not want to deal with

Any of these things will make you want to sell fast. And we will do whatever it takes to make the process easy on you. You don’t have to stress out or worry about what will happen next. When you sell directly, you will know exactly what is happening and when. You will not have to wait for the unknown. 

We want to help you make the best decision and do what is right for your situation. Get our no-hassle, no-obligation offer today and learn about all the benefits of a direct sale. Fill out this form to get started! 

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Our job is to help Salt Lake homeowners find solutions to their real estate conundrums. You don;t have to feel stuck with a property you don’t want to own. Stop paying for repairs, dealing with bad tenants or paying high property taxes. You do not need to keep your house any longer. Find out what your multiple selling options will mean for you!

Utah Sell Now, LLC is buying right now in Salt Lake, Utah and all of the surrounding areas. Before you commit to a realtor, get a no-hassle, no obligation offer! Know your options when selling a Salt Lake house!