How to Sell Your Home When You Have to Relocate Quickly

Relocating for a job is an exciting time that can quickly overwhelm you. Not only do you have to give notice and leave your old job and prepare for your new one, but you also have to move in a very short time frame. Most companies don’t give you more than 2-4 weeks to pack up your life and get to your new job. When it comes to selling your home quickly, there are a few things that can help you.

Sell to a Cash Home-Buying Company

Cash home-buying companies are the perfect solution for those needing to move quickly. If you try to sell your home in the traditional real estate market, you may be looking at 2-3 months worth of work, when you may have less than a month left in your city. Cash home-buying companies cut through a lot of the red tape and allow you to close as quickly as 7 days, which works perfectly. They are also pretty flexible on your move out date, which means you don’t have to stress about potentially being without housing for a little while.

Enlist Help

Rather than letting yourself get overwhelmed with your selling and moving checklist, enlist the help of your family and friends. They can help you sort through your belongings and pack up your life, prepare your home to move out, find a new place to live, and generally provide emotional support. If you are married, lean on your spouse when it comes to dealing with the details of selling your home rather than trying to handle it on your own. The people you are leaving behind will miss you, so don’t neglect the help they offer just because you are busy.

Don’t Be Picky

Many people hold out for the best offer possible when trying to sell their home, but that isn’t a luxury you have when you are on a deadline. That doesn’t mean you have to accept a lowball that will hurt you financially, but it does mean that you should accept a good offer when it comes. Cash home-buying companies offer a fair market amount for the homes they buy, but many people think they can get more from a traditional sale. Rather than taking your chances and trying to sell your property from another state, take the offer and use it to jumpstart your new life.

Selling a home is a stressful situation even without a deadline, so make sure you keep your priorities in order and you spend your time with the people who care about you. Your new job and new home is an exciting venture, so don’t let the minutiae wear you down too much.

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