How To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

Are you looking to sell your home for top dollar? The value of your home may be high, but you can still be duped into selling your home for less than it’s worth. Try a few of these quick tips to sell your home for what it’s worth. 

Offer a Signing Bonus

Offering a signing bonus to a selling agent can be the incentive they need to bring more potential buyers to your home. Paying a real estate broker, a little more money may be the incentive they need to sell your home for more money. 

Price Points

Buyers are typically looking for houses that are priced within a certain range, usually within five to ten thousand dollars. They are not typically searching for a specific price. Set your appraisal on the top end of a price point—for example, buyers would likely look at a house that is $249,900 as well as a home that is $246,900. If you price yours towards the top of these natural price points, you’ll likely make more money with the same buyers. Widen your potential buyer pool but pricing within an accessible price point. 

Price Aggressively

It’s all about setting the right price. You cannot sell your home for top dollar if your price is low. Pricing too high is risky and can turn off potential buyers, but pricing too low can cheat you of getting what you deserve for your house. 

Pre-Appraisal and Pre-Inspections 

Pre-appraisal or an appraisal that has been done before an offer has been made can help you to set a fair (and top dollar) price for your house. You can provide objective value to any potential buyers with pre-appraisals. 

Pre-inspection could include a whole home inspection, a pest inspection, dry rot inspection, or other kinds of inspection. Each of these is useful information to a potential buyer and can make your home appear more valuable. 


Help a buyer see your home for what it could be when you stage it. Staging a house gives an excellent first impression to any potential buyers. Take out any personal touches to your home like family photos—it should feel like anyone could live there. Help a buyer picture themselves living in your home with a set dinner table or placing a game in the kid’s room. Stage your house to look impersonal, clean, and welcoming. 


In many cases, buyers lower their search down to a few houses. Placing some incentives in place may persuade them to choose your house. Encourage buyers with interest rate down on a purchaser’s loan, providing credits for home upgrades, or offering to pay closing costs. Negotiating payments for any repairs or inspections may also be helpful. 

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