How To Make Your Open House Stand Out

How to Make Your Open House Stand Out

Hosting an open house isn’t as easy or straightforward as it used to be, but don’t worry, our experts are here to help.

Open houses are a great way to get potential buyers to your home, but hosting them is a bit more complicated than in years past. Standing out against the other properties listed is crucial but can be challenging. As buyers look for a home, it is not uncommon for them to tour multiple houses in one day — while efficient, this can feel overwhelming to them, and the properties can all start to blend and blur together. Avoid this problem by making your open house stand out against the rest.

Learn more about making your open house memorable below.

How to Make an Open House Stand Out?

Play on Buyers’ Senses

We’ve all experienced that moment when a smell, taste, or sound has triggered a memory, and those moments and feelings come flooding back. Using people’s senses as they walk through your house is a great way to make your home memorable. Here are a few ways you can play on their senses:

SIGHT — In addition to a clean, clutter-free house, make sure your home is staged to the nines and that the space is as bright and airy as possible. You have one chance to make a good impression on how your house looks, and this is an excellent way to do it! A picture-perfect home is the goal, so make sure to invest some time in getting it just right.

SOUND — Softly playing music can set the tone for your property and can create the perfect atmosphere as potential buyers walk your home. Find music that evokes the desired emotions and fits the style and aesthetic of the property. You may want to consider classical music for older homes, while contemporary houses might work better with new age, zen music.

SMELL — Smell and memory are closely linked. Using people’s sense of smell is the perfect way to make your open house memorable. Take advantage of this fact by ensuring your home smells great. You can accomplish this by using air fresheners, candles, fresh flowers, or baking cookies. Bonus points if you set them out for guests to enjoy (and play on their sense of taste).

Advertise Your Property Well

There are numerous properties for sale, which can make standing out difficult. Make sure you take full advantage of advertising your house by doing the following:

USE SOCIAL MEDIA — Promoting your house for sale is easier than ever, thanks to social media. Many sellers use Instagram and Facebook to get the word out on their property and gain more traction. In addition to posting your listing to your feed, you can take out an advertisement that will reach a certain amount of people in a specific area.

VIRTUAL TOURS — Allow more people to view your home by posting a virtual tour online. This allows locals and non-locals to participate and potentially purchase your property.

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A memorable open house might help you sell your property faster, but there’s no guarantee.

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