How to Get Rid of an Unwanted Property

Owning a home or property is exciting for many people, but for others, it can be a massive headache and financial burden. Whether you purchased, were given, or inherited the house or property, sometimes it’s as simple as not wanting the responsibility of it. But, how do you get rid of an unwanted property? You have a few options: you can keep the property, you can donate it, or you can sell it.


Explore these three options further below.


1. Keep It

If you have the means, can take the time, and the numbers make sense, you can turn your unwanted property into something you do want. It may be an investment; however, it could be worthwhile. In fact, an additional property can be an exciting thing. If you’re going to keep it, you’ll need to decide what exactly you are going to do with it. Some people decide to move into it, while others choose to make it into a rental property. 

If you do decide to get renters, don’t put too much money into the house. Of course, you’ll want to make it an enjoyable and comfortable place in which to live. But, you don’t need to add unnecessary features like marble counters, brand new stainless-steel appliances, or other expensive renovations. Instead, fix up what needs fixing with modest changes and enjoy the financial benefits an investment property brings.

2. Donate It

If the property costs more than it’s worth, you may be looking to dump it all together. There are many charities out there that may be interested in your donation. The beneficiary is not the only one receiving benefits when it comes to large donations like a house or property. As the donor, you’ll get a significant tax deduction, avoid capital gains and estate taxes, and you’ll make a difference in your neighborhood.

3. Sell It

Once you’re ready to get rid of an unwanted property, you can’t quite sell it fast enough! You want it gone starting yesterday! While finding a serious buyer can take a lot of time with traditional listings, you do have a couple of options. You can hire an agent to sell your home, or you can sell the home yourself. When you sell your home with an agent, you’ll be required to pay realtor commissions and closing costs. Both options will likely require cleaning and making home repairs. If neither of those options sounds good to you, remember that you can sell your unwanted house to a professional home buyer, like Utah Sell Now.


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