How to Deal with a Vacant Property

Being an income property homeowner comes with more than a handful of responsibilities. A lot goes into maintaining a comfortable, safe, and livable space for your renters. But what happens when your rental property is vacant? Contrary to popular belief, an empty unit does not mean less work for the homeowner. Another set of stressors comes into play. Did you know that the longer a property sits vacant, the harder it is to find new tenants? Not only that, but it can also become more expensive to keep the value of the property up. 

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Get a Security System

Empty properties have a way of attracting an undesirable crowd. A simple “For Rent” sign on the front lawn can be enough to draw in trespassers. Homes sitting vacant are much more susceptible to serious problems like vandalism or burglary and even unwelcome squatters. 

Protect your home from these unwanted issues with a home security system. Today’s advanced systems can include window and door sensors, motion detectors, floodlights, glass break monitors, and indoor and outdoor cameras, including doorbell cams. Even a yard sign or window sticker stating you have an alarm system can be enough to deter intruders.

There are other ways to discourage undesirable visitors if you don’t want to get a security system for an empty property. Instead, you can visit the rental often and leave signs of activity along the way. Use a timer to turn off and on lights in different parts in the house or consider leaving a car parked there periodically.

Hire a Property Management Service

If you are having a hard time finding tenants for your income property, consider hiring a company. Dealing with the headaches of a rental become their problem instead of yours! It is their job to weed out problem tenants, market the rental, handle maintenance and repairs, and, most importantly, make sure rent is paid on time every month.

Of course, hiring a property management company requires a monthly fee, which can be unappealing to homeowners. On top of the monthly service fee, some management companies charge a leasing fee. This money goes towards marketing your home, which typically includes costs of listing and pictures.

Sell the Property

If your empty rental property is too much of a burden, consider selling the home to ease your stress. Selling a vacant house doesn’t need to be difficult or require too much preparation. Make sure the house has decent curb appeal and that the interior is clean. To get top dollar, you may want to make any necessary repairs or renovations.

Homes that are furnished tend to sell faster and for more money. You may want to consider hiring a professional stager to make your property more appealing to potential buyers.

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The worries and hassles of maintaining a property are great, but when your rental sits vacant for an extended period, those stresses can become even greater. If you have a house sitting empty in the Salt Lake City area, Utah Sell Now wants to buy your home for cash! Find out how we can help ease your mind by contacting us today!

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