How Soon Can I Close on a Cash Home Sale?

Home closings are notoriously slow-moving. After waiting for an offer, you might wait for another 60 days to sign the papers. But if you don’t have time to wait, a cash home sale can offer an amazingly fast closing.

The Process

Selling to a cash home buying company is simple and straightforward. You contact them, get an offer, and set a closing date. Since your home isn’t listed on the market, you don’t have to make repairs or fix it up for showings. You’ll have a cash offer within a day or two.

If you decide to accept the offer, you can set a closing date quickly, often within a week. The company already has the cash to buy your house, so you don’t have to wait for the buyer to get financing. You also don’t have to deal with home inspections or appraisals.

Your Title

You can close on your home as soon as all the paperwork has been drawn up. Your home title is the biggest potential obstacle. If you have any liens against your property, you will need to clear them up first.

Contact your mortgage company for a loan payoff quote. You can pay off the balance when you sell. If you owe more than you will receive by selling, and you’re facing foreclosure, you may be able to make arrangements for a short sale. Your property title will need to be free and clear before you can close. 

Your Convenience

If you’re not ready to close within a week, you can delay it longer if you wish. You may need time to pack up your belongings or find another place to live. The cash home buying company will be happy to work with you to set a convenient closing date.

The actual closing won’t take long. Since it’s a direct sale between you and the cash buying company, and there are no third parties involved, all you have to do is sign the papers and turn over the keys.

Cash buying companies offer a fast alternative to the traditional home sales process. Not everyone can close within a week, but almost everyone can close within 30 days. For home sellers looking for a fast sale, a cash home sale may be the best option.

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