How Fast Can You Close with a Cash Home Buyer?

One of the biggest advantages of selling to a cash home buying company is how quickly you can close. From the time you contact the buyer to the moment you walk away with cash, it’s almost always less than 30 days. Sometimes, you can close within a week or two. Here’s why.

The Preparation

Unlike a traditional home sale, there is virtually no preparation involved when you sell a house to a cash home buying company. You don’t have to clean or declutter it, and you’re not required to make repairs. The company will buy the house “as-is.”

Houses sold “as-is” historically don’t sell quickly on the real estate market. Buyers don’t want to make repairs after they buy the house. But, cash home buying companies will take on the responsibility of fixing up the home before reselling it. 

The Offer

To start the process, you contact the cash buying company, either by phone or online. It only takes a few minutes to tell the buyers what they need to know: the size of the house, location, number of bedrooms, and condition. The cash offer will be based on those factors.

Often, the company will send out a representative to meet with you, but you will not be contracting with a real estate agent. The representative will verify the information and answer any questions you have. Then, you receive a no-obligation cash offer within 24 hours.

The Closing

If you decide to accept the offer, you can select a closing date at your convenience. If you still owe money on the home, you’ll have to arrange a payoff with your lender. The cash buying company will make sure there is a clear title. This can take less than a week in many cases.

The closing itself also happens quickly. Since there are no third parties involved, and no commission charged, you just sign the sales papers, hand over the keys, and walk away with the full amount you were offered. 

When a quick sale is in your best interests, it’s worth it to contact a cash buying company and see what kind of offer you can get for your house. In most cases, you can complete the sale and close on the house within a couple of weeks. 

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