Home Staging Tips: Staging Your Home For Sale To Achieve The Maximum Value in Utah

Staging Your Home For Sale To Achieve The Maximum Value in Utah

Making a positive first impression on potential homebuyers is vital to getting the highest profit from your most important investment. Here’s how!

The purpose of staging your home is to give your buyers an image of what the house could be. A properly staged home will spark your buyer’s imagination and make them immediately interested. Unfortunately, many sellers try to emphasize the wrong details of a home or stage the home as if they were buying it themselves. Instead, consider your home’s value from the buyer’s perspective and show the features that would excite a visitor. 

What is Home Staging?

Staging your home is an interior renovation technique that helps to improve the value of your home. In order to accomplish this goal, you have to realize that your home’s value starts with the image of your home that potential buyers have in their minds. You can optimize the image of your home by carefully selecting your furniture and accessories, keeping your kitchen, bathrooms, and entryway well-organized and appealing, and adding light fixtures to enhance the visual appeal of your home.

Why is Staging Important?

If your home is in poor condition, you can’t add anything, and if it’s in good condition, you can’t improve it. That’s why staging is crucial to getting maximum value out of your home. When your home has been properly staged, the value of your home increases.

Wise sellers will consider your home’s street value before visiting. However, you would be surprised how much value different factors like style, time of sale, size, layout, and general home appeal can have on offers. Some features like good neighbors, the history of the area, and the quality of the schools can also be important.

The Importance of the Exterior

The exterior of the home will make or break any potential buyer’s interest. Outside, the top concern should be apparent and specifically curb appeal. The condition of the yard is important, as many buyers feel the curb appeal is an indicator of a home’s value. Consider adding some additional landscaping to showcase a green environment, and planting a few flowers, shrubs, or trees around the yard.

Siding can look outdated or weathered quickly and is one of the first things prospective buyers will notice about a home. Repaint the siding on the exterior. Use a few cans of paint that are similar to the color that you use for the walls to get the exact match. Make sure to wear gloves when you paint so you don’t scratch or chip the siding.

The Importance of the Interior

As with any property, the condition of the home is often the most important detail. A “patched-up” home is less desirable than a “well-cared-for” home. These are two very different criteria, however. A home that’s in good condition will not only sell for more money but also take less time to sell. It will also have a longer time on the market before it needs to be staged.

Get Creative With Your Staging

While you may have used certain furnishings and decorations in your home on a regular basis, be open-minded when looking at the home as a potential buyer would. It is essential to show the home in a way that best reflects what it is worth. Color, space, and size are key factors for staging your home successfully.

Interestingly, the direction your home faces and how much natural light enters is very important to buyers. Typically, they are looking for a home where they can feel the sunshine. Don’t hide your windows behind other things, and use this light to your advantage.

Thank Your Potential Buyer For Visiting

Before going to see your home, send a thank you note to your buyer. Many people feel that after touring a home, a buyer should walk away from the property. They are not looking for a home just for the fun of it. They are looking for the best investment in a time when they are trying to save for a deposit and they are ready to take the plunge. The note should express how happy you are to have the buyer visit, or how much you enjoyed getting to know them better. This makes the buyer feel special and it gives you an idea about how good your potential buyer is at listening. If you like your buyer, you will know what to say to make them feel right at home.

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