Four No-Cost Ways to Sell Your Home Quickly

Selling your home can be expensive. Between preparing your house, making repairs and renovations, paying closing costs, and other fees, dollars that could have been saved in your pocket are gone! Thankfully, there are some no-cost ways you can do to help your home sell fast!

Scroll on to learn several no-cost tricks to sell your home quickly.

Clean Your House

You can drastically improve your house’s look by clearing away clutter and giving it a thorough cleaning. Clear clutter and junk from counters, dressers, tables, and storage baskets. You’ll also want to provide a little extra attention to the inside of closets and drawers. Cluttered or crowded spaces can make buyers think there isn’t enough storage or space. If there isn’t space for your belongings, there probably isn’t enough for theirs, either.

Now that the mess is gone, you can focus on cleaning. Potential buyers don’t want to buy a home that feels too lived-in. It will take time, but making your home feel as clean as new is essential and will help you sell your home faster. Don’t forget to give your ceiling fans, window treatments, and baseboards a little TLC. The interior and exterior of your windows should be clean to allow as much natural light as possible. Do not underestimate how clean your house needs to be! 

DIY Projects

Your home is likely decorated and designed to fit your style. While this nice for you, it may not appeal to the masses. It is important to think like potential buyers — not just people with a similar taste in design. So, roll up your sleeves and give your brightly-colored walls a couple of coats of neutral paint.

Anything you can do yourself to increase your home’s value and look is usually a wise investment. If you know how to repair the broken window latch, do it! If you can replace the old and dingy light-switch plates, do it!

Give the exterior of your home a little attention, too. Mow the lawn, rake the leaves, plant blossoming flowers, and weed the garden.

Stage Your House Yourself

Significantly reduce the amount of time your home sits on the market by staging your house. If you have decent looking furniture that showcases your house’s floor plan, you can skip hiring the professionals and stage your own home. 

Step back and look at the space in your house. Try to set up your rooms so that they are inviting and flow naturally. This might mean removing a sectional couch that is too big, pulling furniture away from walls to fill the area, or “borrowing” a side table or chair from another room.

When decorating, do so thoughtfully. Allow the eye to rest and avoid going from one overly decorated space to the next. When showing your home, set the table, make the beds, open the blinds, turn on the lights, and set out fresh flowers. These small efforts and little details make a big difference. 

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