Does an Empty House Sell Faster?

Selling your home can be one of the more stressful things in your adult life. When a house sits on the market for a long time, the money you will make decreases while your stress levels increase.

Did you know that an empty house takes longer to sell? Homes that are furnished and occupied or staged sell much faster, and they sell for more money.

There are several reasons why an empty house takes longer to sell and for less money. Read on to learn why.

Empty Rooms Appear Smaller

Empty rooms look much smaller than they do when they are furnished. It seems counterintuitive, but a place that has furniture in it feels much bigger. It is hard for the human mind to comprehend size in which there’s nothing to scale. When a room has suitably sized furnishings, it is much easier for a potential buyer to judge the size of a room accurately.

Lack of Visualization

Empty houses make visualizing living there really difficult for buyers. It’s hard to imagine living somewhere without the furnishings that make a house a home. If you want your potential buyers to get a good metal image of living there, stage your home or leave it furnished for the showings. Show them what it looks like to live there and how to arrange the furniture to best utilize the space.

Highlighting the Wear and Tear

A furnished room can help cover up or distract from the normal wear and tear and dents and dings that may have accumulated over the years of living in your home. An empty room can highlight these flaws. These “bruises” that your home may have won’t significantly affect your inspection or value, per se, but they can leave a negative taste in buyer’s mouths.

Loss of Marketing Strategies

First impressions are crucial, and when it comes to showing your home, this is no different. When selling your home, it is essential to make a good impression on people and make your home memorable. Your online or in-person showings will not leave a lasting memory if your house is empty. The only thing people can associate your home with is a number (your listing price). If this is the case, you may end up lowering it just to help your home stand out against the other homes on the market.

Buyers Can Sense the Rush

When a home is not furnished or staged, it can give the feeling that you are rushing to get out and sell the house. Buyers can sense this from a hundred miles away and will try to work that rushed feeling to their advantage. You may find buyers trying to lowball you. To help avoid this, try your best not to look rushed or desperate.

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