Is it Wise to Pay Extra Principal on My Mortgage?

Is it Wise to Pay Extra Principal on My Mortgage?

Owning a house is an exciting dream come true for many people. However, the amount of money that goes toward interest is not! Paying off your home early could save you thousands and thousands of dollars in interest alone. The sooner you pay off your home, the sooner you can enjoy financial freedom. If you … Continued

What adds Value to Your Home

What Adds The Most Value To A Home?

Increasing the value of your home is a dream come true for homeowners, whether you’re looking to sell your house or hold on to it. Higher home valuation is good news all around. There are certain features and things you can add to your home to increase its value. In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss … Continued

Does an Empty House Sell Faster

Does an Empty House Sell Faster?

Selling your home can be one of the more stressful things in your adult life. When a house sits on the market for a long time, the money you will make decreases while your stress levels increase. Did you know that an empty house takes longer to sell? Homes that are furnished and occupied or … Continued

What Are The 5 Most Common Mortgages

What Are The 5 Most Common Mortgages?

Buying a home is an exciting time, but figuring out financing can be a little overwhelming. There are several types of mortgages you can choose from. Let’s discuss the five most common mortgages, so you’re armed with the knowledge to make the right decision for you. 5 Common Types of Mortgage Loans The most common … Continued

Sell your home fast

What are Some Low-Cost Ways to Sell Your Home Quickly?

Imagine needing to sell your home quickly, either due to a new job offer or financial problems, but don’t have tons of money to improve your home aesthetics or curb appeal. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss some low-cost or no-cost ways to sell your home quickly and get that SOLD sign on your lawn, and … Continued


Five Ways To Pay Off Your Mortgage Quickly

Think it’s impossible or nearly impossible to pay off your mortgage, within, say ten to fifteen years, instead of thirty years? Think again. Continue reading to discover five ways to pay off your mortgage faster, so you can take that burden off your shoulders and your budget. Can I Pay Off My Mortgage Early? Amazingly … Continued

How To Sell Your Home at its Highest Value?

How To Sell Your Home at its Highest Value

You’re ready to sell your home, but setting the right price takes doing your homework to ensure you get the amount or more of what it’s worth. So, how do you go about it? Read about the top tips for selling your home for top dollar.   Aggressively price your home The most important decision … Continued

Can You Sell a Home with a Mortgage?

Can You Sell a Home with a Mortgage?

To answer the question: yes, you can sell your house while in a mortgage, and it’s quite common. Having a mortgage means you still owe money to your lender and haven’t settled your home loan. With mortgage loans lasting from fifteen-thirty years, usually, homebuyers move more than one time after they purchase a home. See … Continued

Five Reasons To Choose Utah Sell Now

Five Reasons To Choose Utah Sell Now

You’ve heard the term “flipping houses,” where someone purchases a home, repairs, and redecorates it and then turns around and sells it. The method is becoming more popular for several reasons; however, is it worth it? Homeowners take pride in making their house into a home with memories to fill and improvements that keep it … Continued

What is the Housing Market Like in Utah?

What is the Housing Market Like in Utah

It’s no secret Utah has grown exponentially in the last decade. With the addition of Silicon Slopes taking over much of the 1-15 corridor, from Sandy, down to Provo, several cities are seeing more yearly growth. For instance, in Lehi, the population has grown from 48,000 in 2010 to 66,000 in 2019, making it the … Continued