Is a Cash Sale an Option if You’re Behind on House Payments?

If you’ve fallen behind on mortgage payments, you may be thinking about selling your home to avoid foreclosure. The traditional way of listing your home on the market and waiting for an offer could take months. Selling to a cash home buying company may be a faster option for you. Foreclosure Proceedings If your payment … Continued

How Do Fast Cash Buyers Calculate Your Home’s Value?

Cash home buying companies advertise that they can give you a cash offer on your home within 24 hours. You might be wondering how they calculate your home’s value in such a short time. It’s no mystery; they use the same factors that traditional home sales agents use. Comparison to Similar Homes First, cash buyers … Continued

What to Do About a Cluttered Home

Don’t you just love coming home to a clean, organized house? It’s so refreshing and relaxing! Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with such a tidy home. If you are struggling to deal with clutter, don’t worry – you’re not alone! Here are tips for decluttering your home and getting it back under control. Get Rid … Continued

Homes Commonly Purchased by Cash Buying Companies

You may be wondering if your home matches the types of homes that cash home buying companies usually purchase. You can make a no-obligation call to the company to find out. Nevertheless, if you’re still researching home buying companies, the following should improve your understanding of the types of homes that most cash buyers look … Continued

Renting Back Your “As-Is” Home After a Cash Sale

When you want to sell your house but it needs repair, you might consider selling it “as is” to a cash buying company. These kinds of cash sales are fast—so fast that you might not be quite prepared to move. In these cases, you may be able to rent back your home from the buyer. … Continued

Thinking of Selling Your Home “As-Is”?

When it comes time to sell your house, you know the usual drill. You have to clean it, declutter, and fix it up. That can involve expensive repairs. Instead, you might be tempted to sell it “as-is.” It’s a common solution, but it doesn’t always work in your favor. Why Sell “As-Is”? To prepare a … Continued

You’ve Inherited a House. Should You Sell it “As-Is?”

When a loved one dies, you may inherit their home. In many cases, it’s necessary to sell the home to divide the proceeds among the heirs. Or, you may not want the house, especially if it’s not in very good condition. Before you sell “as-is,” you should learn about the cash home buying process. What … Continued

What to Do With an Inherited Property

You might find yourself in an unexpected and bittersweet situation – having inherited the valuable asset of a property from a deceased relative. The question is: now what? What are the options available to you? What choices can you explore? Rent it Out On one hand, you’ve received a free opportunity for real estate investment. … Continued

Do Cash Home Buying Companies Charge Commission?

Today, home sellers have the option to skip the traditional sales process and sell their home directly to a fast cash buying company. One of the biggest benefits to sellers is that these companies never charge commissions. They can skip the commission because the sales method is radically different.  Traditional Sales Process Traditionally, if you … Continued

Selling Your Home for Cash? Forget the Repairs

A big advantage of selling your home to a cash buying company is you never have to make repairs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a squeaky hinge or a malfunctioning furnace. A cash home buyer will purchase your home “as-is.” Here’s why. No Showings When you sell your home to a cash buying company, it’s … Continued