How Fast Can You Close with a Cash Home Buyer?

Selling your home for cash has many advantages but among the most important is the speed of the sale. Compared to the traditional way of listing your home on the market, selling to a cash home buying company can cut weeks and even months off the time you need to sell. You can often close … Continued

How Cash Home Buyers Provide Value

It’s common knowledge that cash home buying businesses will purchase homes for cash and close on the deal quickly. They provide an important alternative to the traditional way of selling a home on the real estate market. In that way, cash home buyers provide value to their customers and the industry. Buying Homes Needing Repair … Continued

Thinking of Selling Your Home “As-Is”?

When it comes time to sell your house, you know the usual drill. You have to clean it, declutter, and fix it up. That can involve expensive repairs. Instead, you might be tempted to sell it “as-is.” It’s a common solution, but it doesn’t always work in your favor. Why Sell “As-Is”? To prepare a … Continued

What to Do With an Inherited Property

You might find yourself in an unexpected and bittersweet situation – having inherited the valuable asset of a property from a deceased relative. The question is: now what? What are the options available to you? What choices can you explore? Rent it Out On one hand, you’ve received a free opportunity for real estate investment. … Continued

How Does a Cash Home Sale Work?

If you’re not familiar with the cash home buying business, you may have many questions about how the sales process works. It’s really rather simple: you contact the company, they make a cash offer on your home,  you set a closing date, and you receive your money. Let’s look at those steps in more detail. … Continued

Can I Save Money by Selling to a Cash Home Buyer?

Selling your home to a cash home buying company is fast and easy, but you may be wondering if you’re going to get a good deal. Individual circumstances can vary, but in most cases, selling a home on the real estate market can be expensive. A cash sale may very well save you money. Cost … Continued

Is a Fast Cash Home Sale Worth It?

Maybe you’ve heard about those cash home buying companies that will pay cash for your house and close within a couple of weeks. You might be wondering if it’s worth it, or if you should stick with the traditional way of home selling. In certain situations, a cash sale is worth it. Your Situation The … Continued

How Fast Can You Close with a Cash Home Buyer?

One of the biggest advantages of selling to a cash home buying company is how quickly you can close. From the time you contact the buyer to the moment you walk away with cash, it’s almost always less than 30 days. Sometimes, you can close within a week or two. Here’s why. The Preparation Unlike … Continued

Reasons to Consider Selling Your Home to a Cash Buyer

Cash home buying companies are becoming more popular as a way to sell homes for cash quickly. But you might be wondering if the process is right for you. You may be surprised to learn that people sell to cash buyers for a number of reasons. Home Needs Extensive Repairs One common reason people sell … Continued

How Fast Can You Close with a Cash Home Sale?

When you need to sell your home quickly, you may not have time for the slow process of listing it on the market. If that’s the case, you might consider selling your home to a cash home buying company. This type of cash home sale can close within just a couple of weeks. Preparing the … Continued