5 Ways to Sell Your Home for More: Winterizing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

5 Ways to Sell Your Home for More Profit

Even in winter, when it doesn’t seem like curb appeal isn’t important underneath all the snow, homebuyers continue to search for good-looking homes. But this is all the more reason to shovel the snow, clean the windows, and make your home as presentable as possible when you list your home for sale.

Apart from staging, creating the perfect first impression is vital to selling your home at a high value. After all, anyone looking to buy a home would appreciate a seller who takes pride in their property. Follow a few of these steps and make your home stand out from all of the other listings in your area.

1. Create the Perfect First Impression

Whether your property is a single-family home or a condominium, first impressions are everything. Consider these tips for creating the perfect first impression.

Remove any personal effects you don’t want others to see. Keep furniture or other items away from windows. Remove any clutter that will make a buyer have to move things out of the way when they come to see your home.

Use good photographs in your home’s sale listing. Photography can really make or break a first impression. Whether you use a professional or use your own photography skills, make sure the house is professionally photographed to make a good first impression.

2. Clean Your Home’s Siding, Brick, or Wood Paneling

If you can see your home’s exterior clearly from the street, you have already achieved curb appeal. But after the snow melts and the pavement crunches underfoot, it’s not the best time to give your home a thorough inspection. After all, who wants to buy a house when the walls look like it hasn’t been washed in a decade? However, a thorough clean will go a long way in showing potential buyers your property has the right quality.

3. Clean the Outside Windows

Even if your windows seem to be squeaky clean, they may not reveal what others see from outside. This is especially important if your front door faces the street since it’s something that someone looking at your home will immediately notice.

Clean your front windows from the outside with a squeegee. This allows you to wipe away any snow buildup while also preventing water from dripping into the house. If possible, you should also invest in some of those clear coat window film products.

4. Trim Trees and Bushes

There’s a very simple solution for presenting your yard in a clean and tidy way: trim back some of the trees and shrubs. Do this during the winter months, so that they aren’t posing too much of a hazard during winter months.

No one wants to walk up a sodden sidewalk with uneven or jagged-edged surfaces. If you have junipers or other invasive trees, remove any branches from your front yard. If you have bushes in your yard, keep them small and short so they don’t shade the house or obstruct the view of the house.

5. Make Your Curb Appeal a Family Activity

You don’t have to make your home perfect by yourself; the process can be simple. If you don’t have the money to hire a professional, there is an alternative: enlist the help of friends, close family, and even your kids. Moving from a well-loved home is hard for everyone, but making the clean-up and improvement of the home before you leave makes for good and productive therapy. You might be surprised how fast your house will look nice and spotless.

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