5 Tips for Moving Houses

Moving houses is an overwhelming and challenging task, and the idea of your new home is much more exciting than the move itself. 

Thankfully, by sticking to the following suggestions and tips, the move can feel a touch easier. Below you’ll find five of our favorite, tried-and-true moving and packing tricks anyone moving houses can use.

Good luck, and enjoy the process!

1.Remove Excess and Cut out Clutter

Make the process of packing all your possessions into boxes by removing excess items and clutter as much as you can. As you begin packing your items into boxes, conduct a merciless cleanse, and consolidate your belongings. Donate, toss, or sell any items you no longer use or find unnecessary. The less you own, the less you’ll need to pack, move, and unpack! Best of all, you’ll have a clean slate in your new home!

2.Get a Head Start

As soon as you know about the move, begin packing what you can. For example, if you’re moving during the warmer months, you can pack up your sweaters and snow clothes and boots. Pack up any off-season items or belongings you won’t need between now and your move. The final days leading up to your move can feel stressful. Your time is valuable and will be better spent elsewhere. Do what you can to start your moving process as far in advance as possible.

3.Color Code Your Boxes

As you prepare for your move, purchase several different colored duct tape rolls (ideally, one for each room in your new house). Assign each room a color, and as you pack boxes, use that color of tape to seal up the box. This system will make moving much more organized. Even your hired (or volunteered) help can unload your belongings in an organized and helpful way!

4.Wrap Your Valuables

Make sure to wrap your valuables in bubble wrap, paper towels, newspaper, or anything else that will protect your fragile items. It can be disheartening to unbox your belongings and find broken pictures, décor, and kitchenware. Trust us—you don’t want to learn this lesson the hard way! 

Bonus Tip: Instead of buying bubble wrap, use your kitchen and bathroom towels to wrap up your valuable and fragile items. Since you have to pack them anyway, they might as well work for you and keep your things safe!

5.Pack Storage Items in Plastic Bins

Pack any items going straight to storage, your garage, basement, or attic in plastic storage bins. Remember to label belongings that you don’t use often, such as camping supplies and holiday décor, in plastic storage tubs. Storage units, garages, basements, and attics can flood or become infested with rodents or insects. On the other hand, plastic storage containers can protect your belongings from critters and disaster.

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