3 Ways You Benefit by Selling Your Home for Cash

The traditional way of selling your home by listing it on the real estate market has some serious disadvantages. It’s often a slow process that can cause your work, money, and anxiety. Instead, homeowners are discovering the benefits of selling to a cash home buying company.

Don’t Make Repairs

Most homes need fixing up, cleaning, and decluttering before they can be offered to potential buyers. Some need more expensive repairs. Whether you do the work yourself or hire someone, preparing a home for sale can be expensive.

When selling to a cash home buying company, you never have to make repairs. These companies look beyond the surface and consider the potential of your house. They take on the responsibility of making any necessary repairs before reselling it.

Don’t Wait

A traditional home sale requires so much waiting. You can wait for weeks or months while strangers walk through your home deciding whether they want to buy it. When you finally get an offer, you have to wait for a closing date while inspections and appraisals take place and the buyer finalizes their mortgage financing. 

Cash home buying companies don’t need financing, and they don’t order up appraisals or inspections. They’ll make an offer on your home within a day or so, and if you accept, you may be able to close within a week. Almost all cash sales close within 30 days.

Don’t Pay Commission

When you close on your home in a traditional sale, commissions take a big bite out of the amount of money you receive. It typically runs about 5 to 6 percent of the total purchase price. Added to that are other closing costs such as taxes and fees.

With a cash sale, you will receive the total amount of money you were offered. Cash buying companies don’t charge commissions because they don’t employ salespeople. They’ll also pay for any other closing costs that might be charged to you. 

More and more home sellers are choosing to bypass the traditional route of home sales and take advantage of the benefits of selling directly to a cash home buying company. The process is faster, simpler, and less stressful. And, while each homeowner’s situation is unique, many people can come out ahead financially.

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